Exclusive Jewellery PRECIOSA

Preciosa was established on 10th April 1948 and it is currently one of the most significant producers and exporters from the Czech glass and costume jewellery industries. It is a successor to the excellent tradition of glassmaking in North Bohemia which began to develop as early as in the 14th century. Throughout the more than 60 years of its existence, Preciosa has built up a name in the market as a producer of high quality Czech crystal and jewellery stones. Just as Czech crystal stands out for its wonderful brilliance and shine, cubic zirconia jewellery stones can also boast the highest possible optical properties. The common denominator of all these exceptional properties is the absolutely flawless, masterly cutting, for which Preciosa is internationally renowned. The name Preciosa is derived from Latin, meaning precious, costly or valuable.

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