Ahoy Petr, my lovely big box of your beautiful porcelain has arrived safely & all in tact. Thank you so much ! I really do appreciate you sending it to NZ. When I need more I will be in touch with you . Dekuji. Lyn Herbert Greetings from New Zealand.



We received our order today, voyage for regular parcel to Canada took only 3 weeks !!!

From outside the parcel looked like somebody throw the box from high mountain, shown sign of torture.

We were certain that we will find broken pieces inside, but everything was in perfect condition.

We have never dreamed that we would be able to buy missing/broken pieces to our beloved dinner set after 30+ years.

The Natalie dinner set we use and enjoy every single day.

Now, we planning to order a few more pieces.

Thank you very much, with much appreciation


Zofia Mankiewicz

Hello Petr,

I received the porcelain today -- I was pleasantly surprised it arrived so quickly. 

Everything is intact and undamaged due to the careful packaging. :-)

Thanks! With best regards, Aaron 


I have received the package that you sent me. It is all fine. Thank you very much for your help.
Lubov Boronina

С уважением,
Любовь Боронина

Good afternoon,


We have received today our order. Everything was fine.


Thanks a lot and have a nice summer too.


Eric and Reiko Vigor



Thank you Petr, I receive it.

And thank you also for the mug gift.

My wife is happy with it.

Thank you

Akira Shirai




Dear Sir
First of all tell you the day yesterday received the order of christmas balls made earlier this month. On this, tell my satisfaction with the product you received, which, by its characteristics, exceeds our expectations. What else is noteworthy that the product came into our hands in excellent condition, given the embajale used by his client.

I hope this is the preamble to future purchases.
Happy holidays and a prosperous 2014


José Francisco Castro Muñoz, Costa Rica

Thank you so much once again,its fully OK with with my order - received excellently packed and delivered. Would you kindly inform when you'll have 2014 plate available for ordering,

thank you in advance!
Enjoy yr time in beautiful PRAGUE -it's the place we have visited several times with my wife and still looking to come again! With best regards Sergiy Kosynkin

Thank you for my newest order.  It arrived today and everything was in perfect condition.  You are truly packing masters!

I appreciate the replacement of the 26 cm flat plate – that was very kind of you.  I look forward to many more purchases from your store.

Thank you, again.

Anna Melka
Denton, Texas




Dear Petr,

The porcelain items arrived safely.  Thank you, once again, for your excellent service.   (Unfortunately British shops do not all show the same high standards of customer service.)

Regards and Best Wishes for the forthcoming Christmas season to yourself and staff,
Valerie Sharpe

Dear Petr,

Thursday the parcel arrived ! I was  very happy and surprised how fast it came ! So this weekend when we had time we unpacked everything - nothing broken and the cups the exact size to match the others. 

Thank you again ( djekuy vam ???!!)


Dear Petr,

I received my pack today, porcelain is in perfect condition. Thank you very much for excellent service and pleasantly unexpected gift !

best regards,

I received a package.

It arrived much earlier than I expected. and also I found gifts in the package.
Thank you soooo much for your quick response and the gifts.
I really appreciated it.

c.u Kiyoko

The package has arrived and thank you very much for the "Geschenk".

Best wishes, Monika Waas from Vienna
Hello Petr,
I JUST found the lovely gift that you included in that LAST HUGH box of dishes that you sent.  I was just sorting through the dishes that I had I saved for Christmas...and all along I guess I thought the "gift" box ( the beautiful picture frame.....) was the bottom dish that went with the butter dish!!!! Crazy I know..but for some reason I didn't realize that the plate was in the same box as the top of the butter container.
So...MANY THANKS for the gift......sorry that I didn't send a thank you much sooner.
Aloha,  Sharon
Dear Petr,

Just to let you know the Harlequin figure and plate arrived safely today. Thank you very much, and also thank you for the little gift. Valerie, England

Dear Mr.&Ms.Dum Porcelaon stuff, I have received them safe and peace.Petr, 

Thank you for the shipment of the most beautiful china.  Each piece arrived safely and before Christmas.  It was a joy to set such a stunning table for our holiday dinners.


Kindest regards,


Kathy Miranda


Dear Petr,

I confirm that all figurines arrived in excellent condition. Thank you.

All the best for the New 2010 Year!

Dorota Fraczek

4 lovely mugs arrived this week safely - many thanks
ahoj from London
Tansy Spinks

Dear Petr
Thank you very much for delivery of all the items I ordered (order 1311). I am very satisfied. It was very fast (on Wednesday, 23.09) and proffesionally. Thanks once more.

I got on item above my order, it means I got one more deep plate. What I am expected to do then?

With best regards

Anna Klimk

I wanted to let you know that my WONDERFUL coffee and dinner sets arrived safely this morning and I was so pleased with everything. These dishes are all very high quality for a child, or actually to display in an antique miniature china cupboard beside my antique dolls. They will be a well loved family heirloom. I am now jealous of my dolls and hope some day to purchase some dishes from your company for myself. I especially love the blue onion with gold and ruby accents. It is very unusual and beautiful!  I am surprised at the large number of different shapes you make in miniature!

I was extremely glad to see that you safely packed everything so thoroughly with cardboard and paper and no horrid plastic popcorn. It is all so easy to recycle!

My husband was able to visit Prague on business a few years ago and found the city very beautiful and interesting. I hope someday to visit Prague with him and will surely look your business up for exquisite souvenirs!

Thank you again for your fabulous service and excellent communication in English. I love looking at your website; it is so beautiful and tempting!

Best wishes for continued growth and success with your business!

Kind Regards,



J.F.Lawler, USA

"Dear Mr. Bednar:

Shipment was received yesterday, March 1 in good order. Thank you very much for making this transaction so easy and expedient.

With best regards,

Eugenie Berberian"

Eugenie Berberian, USA

Dear Mr. Bednar,

Our shipment arrived yesterday. All pieces are in good condition and beautiful. Thank you for excellent service.

Eugenia Worontsoff, USA

Dear Petr Bednář,

I received my shippment, everything is beautiful, thank you, and look forward to ordering more pieces from you in the future.Regards,

Lesley Patenaude, USA

Dear Dum Porcelánu staff,

Me and my friend bought a porcelain statue two weeks ago from your shop. We would like to thank you.

The statue named Svačinka rokoko was in one pieces and intact when we arrived home Helsinki Finland. The packaging was suitable for flight and the Czech Airlines took great care on delivering the statue on the plane.

The statue is indeed a great piece of art in its place in the living room.

Thank You again,

Yours sincerely,

Sami Nieminen, Helsinki, Finland

Dear Petr,

The shipment arrived today and it was in perfect condition. Thank you.

We wish we could visit Prague again soon. We enjoyed your country and city very much.

Florence Winslow

 Dear Petr,

The plates arrived today, one week after I ordered them!  They came wrapped so safely; all were in perfect condition.
Thank you so much for all your help.
Carolyn Occulto, USA

Hello again.
I just wan't to tell you that I got my plates today. Nothing was broken and everything is ok.
I will tell my friends that it is nice to co-operate with you. I work at a school and every spring we are in Prague with the children.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Best regards,
Anne Kari Ytterdal, Norway
Dear Petr,
I just want to let you know that my order of porcelain arrived safe and sound on my door step to-day,10th May.  All the pieces were intact, nothing broken.  Thanking for your help and co-operation in forwarding this order.
All the best.  Have nice day in Prague.
Eleanor Dunn, Australia

Every thing is perfectly all right and cute. I'm very happy. And you gave me a mug cup maybe as a service.

Thank you so much for everything. I will buy something again soon!

Sincerely, Chikako, Japan

I am very pleased whit the service i bought a dinning set very beautiful and well packaged, recommended your site to all my friends i plant to buy ankara to thank you again and recommend it to all of your china.

Greetings, Claudio, Italy

Dear Petr,

I received your package with the glass the day before yesterday. Everything is ok and in a good shape , nothing is broken and the glasses are so nice.
I want to thank you very much for that and I am ready for another order soon.
A merry Christmas and a happy New Year
Fabienne BRIDOUX










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