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Costs of shipping depend on total order weigh. Simply fill in order (but do not finish = do not pay) and you will see how much system calculates shipping costs.

Product weigh presented by each item is brute weigh including quality and safe packing. Quality packing is necessary for porcelain and glass shipping.

All Orders are shipped by Czech Post Service and are delivered by your local Post Service.

Delivery times:


Air shipping

the more expensive one: 7-14 business day in average all around the World (Europe 2-4 days)



Economic shipping

the cheaper one: 2-3 weeks all around the World. Average delivery time is about 2 weeks (Europe 1 week) The only exception is Australia and New Zealand: 1-4 months.



Actual CZK currency rates for your better orientation in CZK prices:

1 USD=   , 1 EUR=  , 1 GBP= , 1 CAD= , 1 AUD= , 1 CZK = ?JPY Your card issuer usually uses "PURCHASE (Bid)" rate minus a small margin. To get price in EUR or USD simply devide PRICE in CZK by actual currency rate.


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